Open the Door for Reading Conference

Open the Door for Reading is a European project, coordinated by the City of Gothenburg, and includes the cities of Turku, Milan, Bristol and Brussels. For two years, the cities will exchange knowledge on reading promotion through workshops, seminars and visits.

The purpose is to increase skills, challenge new insights and develop reading promotion methods. One of the focus areas is how to reach, support and strengthen vulnerable families and their children.

The result of this cooperation was presented on the Open the Door for Reading conference in Brussels, on the 9th of May 2019. 

Open the Door for Reading - Conference on 9th of May 2019
How to inspire socially vulnerable parents to tell stories and read books to their young children? What are the effects of family literacy interventions and what can we learn from them? What are good practices to work with, especially for families facing multiple challenges?
Five European cities tackle these questions by sharing their expertise and good practices.
During the conference Bristol, Turku, Milan, Gothenburg and Brussels shared happily the results of their cooperation, among them the Open the Door for Reading manual and their view and knowledge on reading promotion.

We thank full heartedly all the participants, library colleagues, speakers, moderators and photographer Kevin Scarlet for their sheer enthousiasm, inspiration and hard labour.

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